High-Speed Data Transport, RF and Optoelectronic Design

Many of our sensor designs produce multiple gigabits/sec of imaging data for high-speed data transport, RF and optoelectronics. Forza relies on our vast IP library and design experience to architect and implement an optimal data transport solution.

  • High-speed optoelectronics for high-bandwidth data paths, supporting fiberoptic, microwave, and RF applications ranging from 10 to 40 Gbps
  • High-speed, low-noise RF and digital-signal chains
  • RF amplifiers, filters, mixers and modulators
  • Baseband and RF phase-lock loops (PLLs)
  • Voltage-controlled phase shifters (VCPS)
  • Clock generation and distribution
  • Bias generation and distribution
  • RF CMOS / SiGe / SOI / Bipolar Technologies
  • High-Speed PHY design: LVDS, CML, SerDes, XAUI, clock imbedding and recovery

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