Analog & Mixed-Signal IC Design

Forza designs begin with silicon-proven analog and mixed-signal building blocks from which our ADCsImage Sensors and other world-class complete ICs are built.

  • Bandgap reference for temperature independent bias generation
  • Application optimized operational amplifiers (Opamps)
  • Low drop out (LDO) regulators
  • Low-noise switched capacitor circuits
  • Low-noise correlated double-sampling (CDS) sample and hold
  • Operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs)
  • Offset compensation and cancellation circuits
  • Application specific low noise, high precision, on-chip reference generation and buffering
  • Phase-locked loops (PLL), delay-locked loops (DLL)
  • One-time programmable memory (OTP)
  • Low data rate digital interface for chip setup and control (I2C, SPI)
  • Temperature sensors

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