Founded in 2001, Forza solves complex IC design problems

Corporate Fact Sheet

Unique Imaging Expertise. Innovative Products.

Lightbulb IconForza Silicon is the industry leader in custom analog mixed-signal IC design and CMOS image sensor technology. Our groundbreaking image sensor and IC designs and in-house production services capabilities have enabled the development of some of today’s most innovative products across a wide variety of industries. From automotive applications to high-end medical devices, from professional cinematography to next generation broadcast cameras and networked video surveillance needs to mission-critical visible and near-visible defense applications, market leaders rely on Forza to design and deliver a vision of imaging innovation. 

Partnership. Customer Satisfaction.

Hand Shaking IconForza understands the importance of building trust and collaborative customer relationships based on effective communication, first class project management and shared business objectives. We are ready to support our customers in all stages of chip design and development. Forza’s core CMOS imaging design expertise is further augmented by our Integrated Production Services (IPS) capabilities, which offer select customers a one-stop shop solution from mixed-signal IC and CMOS image sensor design to the delivery of highly reliable production parts. Our consultative approach and proven design process minimizes risk, reduces cost and speeds time-to-market while ensuring our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Our Roots. Our Legacy.

Grid IconForza’s history begins at the formation of the CMOS imaging industry where company co-founders, Barmak Mansoorian and Daniel Van Blerkom were a critical part of the Photobit team. Along with Photobit Co-founder, Dr. Eric Fossum, and many others, the team pioneered the development of CMOS imaging technology. Founded in 2001, Forza Silicon has established itself as an innovator and industry leader in the field of mixed-signal IC and CMOS imaging designs that have set the standard of the possible. Primarily through long standing customer relationships and partner referrals, Forza has grown to where today the company employs one of the industry’s largest and most experienced independent CMOS imaging engineering teams.