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Design Services

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Feasibility/Architecture Study and Technology Selection

  • A successful design, beginning with optimal choice of architecture and technology selections
  • Decades of design experience to leverage, and a wide selection of silicon-proven IP in many semiconductor processes
  • Project scope including power, area, performance and yield estimates
  • Project cost, schedule and risk assessment
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IC Design, Layout, Verification

  • Behavioral modeling both in the analog and digital domains (e.g. Verilog, Verilog-A, Matlab, IBIS)
  • Circuit block design that leverages Forza’s vast array of silicon-proven architectures and IP blocks
  • Digital design flow including custom place and route/timing closure
  • Chip layout assembly and top-level AMS (Analog Mixed Signal) simulation
  • Complete suite of simulation capability: PVT (process, voltage, temperature), Monte Carlo, Post-layout PEX (parasitic extraction)
  • Industry standard support for both Cadence and Mentor Graphics verification tools for support of chosen foundry’s ‘golden’ rule decks
  • Product-focused design including: BIST (built-in self test), DFT (design for testability), ESD/LU (electro-static discharge, latch-up) compliance
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Prototyping and Characterization Services

  • Package selection and partners for package design
  • Choice of existing test/characterization system re-use or specification and design of new test system
  • Mil-spec environmental chamber for complete temperature testing
  • Characterization labs with wide array of electrical and optical test equipment for full characterization of a design
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Integrated Production Services – Qualification, Manufacturing and Supply Management Services

  • In-house pilot manufacturing capabilities including: die-attach/wirebonding, PCB design
  • Clean room space with production test stations, automated wafer probe capabilities
  • Product engineering services with extensive qualification experience including JEDEC test standards (e.g. ESD, LU, HTOL, etc.), yield analysis and improvement
  • Foundry wafer supply, wafer test, production packaging and assembly management
  • Final acceptance testing, yield tracking and improvement to delivery of qualified products