Automotive Component Testing with High-Speed Digital Video

Component TestingOver the past 50 years, the global automobile industry has dramatically improved car safety. An 80% reduction in highway deaths has been achieved, thanks to strong legislation and a highly competitive industry. A modern vehicle is an assembly of several sub-components, and the remarkable improvements in safety often involve testing at the component level.

Automotive imaging and component tests are often supported by high-speed video analysis using digital cameras. In order to catch the subtleties of vibration and resonance, CMOS image sensors with frame rates of 1000, 2000, and 3000 frames per second (fps) are often required.

Forza Silicon specializes in the design and manufacture of custom CMOS image sensors for high-resolution, high-speed digital video camera manufacturers used in automotive imaging. These image sensors typically feature an electronic global shutter, some with exposure times as short as 1 µs, making them ideal for automotive component testing with very high frame rate video.

Forza also developed a high-speed analysis, high-definition camera for automotive imaging. Frame rates of 5000 fps are ideal for component testing.