This paper discusses an innovative manufacturing process that enables the production of back side illumination (BSI) sensors, driving improvements in high-speed imaging. Because high frame rates are accompanied by small resolutions, it can be a challenge to see the subject matter. As frame rates increase, a pixel’s exposure time to light decreases. These short exposure times require high levels of illumination to compensate for the short time the pixel receives light. For these reasons, many high-speed applications are light-starved; given the short exposure times at high frame rates, the available illumination can’t deliver enough light to the camera’s imaging sensor, producing a less-than-ideal or even unusable image. To overcome these challenges, we partnered with Vision Research to design and manufacture a new kind of sensor that eases the speed-resolution-sensitivity constraint. This sensor employs BSI technology to increase the pixel surface area that can capture photons. Due to the size of high-speed image sensors and additional processing steps required, these sensors have traditionally been difficult to manufacture — which is where our Integrated Production Services (IPS) came in.