CMOS Image Sensors for Security and Surveillance Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras

Security CamerasThe use of video cameras as the key element of security and surveillance systems continues to increase globally as a means to curtail crime. Typically, multiple surveillance cameras feed a central security location where cameras are monitored, either by humans or more often, by computers with detection algorithms. In nearly all situations, camera imagery is recorded to allow forensic analysis, which is the ability to review video after the event to obtain evidence or even identify perpetrators.

Cameras used in these applications range from simple, low-resolution units to HDTV-class cameras to even higher resolution units in order to greatly increase the ability to identify persons or objects that enter a security camera field of view. With advancements in analytics for automated video analysis and facial recognition, ultra high-resolution cameras are increasingly required.

Forza Silicon designs and manufactures custom high-resolution CMOS focal plane arrays for the most demanding applications. Forza also makes very high-resolution focal plane arrays beyond HDTV to 4K HDTV and 8K UHDTV. Forza has designed custom CMOS imaging arrays with more than 200 megapixels (200 mpx).

One key capability for Security and Surveillance Systems offered by Forza is a patented in-pixel HDR capability. Camera designers and manufacturers can integrate a Forza focal plane array and assure customers next-generation HDR capabilities.