Pasadena, CA – June 4, 2007 – Forza Silicon Corporation announced today the availability of its groundbreaking proprietary FORZ-HDTM CMOS imaging technology which supports frame rates up to 60 fps, proven at 33.2 Mega-pixel resolution, and features 12-bit on-chip ADCs. FORZ-HD technology is targeted for high resolution, high-speed, high dynamic range digital cameras used in professional photography or digital cinematography, and in medical, biotech, scientific, satellite and defense industries.

“FORZ-HD is a scalable technology that produces astounding image and video quality,” said Dr. Barmak Mansoorian, President of Forza Silicon. “The FORZ-HD advantage over CCD image sensors include the integration of thousands of column-parallel ADCs on-chip with an LVDS or CML interface, and, of course,

lower cost,” said Dr. Daniel Van Blerkom, CTO of Forza Silicon.

FORZ-HD imaging technology is used in CMOS image sensors fabricated by Forza foundry partner Tower Semiconductor using 0.18 micron process. FORZ-HD is compatible with CMOS Image Sensor processes used by Forza foundry partner IBM Microelectronics.

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Forza Silicon Corporation is a privately held fabless semiconductor company, specializing in high-resolution, high-speed CMOS image sensors, high-speed communication chips, high resolution data converters and high-speed serial interface custom IP blocks. For more information, visit


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